Morbier AOC
Morbier AOC
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Morbier AOC

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110,00 kr
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In brief: 6 to 8 kg wheel; 40 cm diameter; 8 cm high; 45% fat content
AOC since December 2000


  • Uncooked pressed paste
  • Artisan production
  • Raw cow’s milk (Simmental or Montbéliarde), fermented fed excluded
  • The curd is covered with wood ash, then pressed together
  • Affinage 2 to 3 months in a humid cave during which the cheese is washed with brine
  • Region: Franche-Comté


Look: Natural rind, beige to orange. Ivory to yellow paste with a layer of ash at its center. The paste is smooth and unctuous

Smell: Cave and animal

Taste: A blend of milk and cream, reminiscent of fruits

Season: Best through summer to the beginning of winter

Wine pairing: Red or white Arbois, Muscadet, Pouilly sur Loire

The farmers from Morbier, a village in the Jura near Morez, invented this cheese in the 19th century. In the
past, when the farmer was left with a little milk or not enough to make a Comté, the milk was set and left to
rest. It was sprinkled with ash, a well-known insect repellent. The day after, the same thing was done with the
left over milk and the two parts were put together to form a single larger wheel. It was for in-house